This meditative drawing game is soothing, easy for any skill level, & satisfying, even just for relaxing & making something pretty. Studies show that drawing calms our brains in many ways*, so it’s scientific, too. Rest, flow, take your time, draw. Criss-Cross Doodle: A sweet and simple solitaire drawing game by Ellen Forney. 1. The Basic Idea: 1) Doodle a shape witout lifting your pen from the paper. 2) Where the lines touch, they need to cross at a distinct angle. 3) Finish by closing the shape. 2. Add Color. The weave of the lines makes a tidy checkerboard pattern. 3. Or, Just Color. Download and print these if all you really want to do is color. 4. A Demo, including some variations:
5. You might also Sweeten Your Other Senses. various suggestions for sense sweetening 6. A little criss-cross doodle gallery. A few of mine, for inspiration. If you want, share your own on instagram with #crisscrossdoodle -! Ellen Forney is a cartoonist, mental health coach, etc. Thanks to 4Culture for supporting my work. * malika gharib, “feeling artsy? here’s how making art helps
your brain” 6-11-20